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AM7007 404 Gold

€422.50 €253.50

A sweet oval aviator with an undulating brow line that compliments the natural curves of the face. The bespoke metal layering is a distinct feature of Magee’s work, reinforcing her architectural inspiration and desire to challenge construction.


AM7003 127

€350.00 €210.00

A play on negative space and 4-dimensional planes, this combination wayfarer has been crafted with precision.


AM3004 504

€440.10 €264.06

The unique layering of metal is what sets this frame apart. Soft sweeping curves which highlight the face have been delicately crafted to produce an optical frame which is light and airy, yet bold in design.


AM1013 650 Blue

€391.50 €234.90

This frame is a playful twist on a classic rectangular optical frame. Using a combination of materials, the negative space within the brow bar elevates this frame from the everyday to a statement piece.