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U NOTE 1656


U NOTE is large, round, oversized makeover and makes the eyes big with their fine lines. His energetic form shines in his eyes, and his intrepid side will thrill Anna Karina to those who fear nothing!

U MIX 1653


U MIX, the oversize for small faces, is a fluttering frame, full of rebounds, chokes, with a singular bow nose. This luscious, soft mount, breathes temperament to its carrier.



€237.50 €187.50

SWINTON, in its octagonal style, is an energetic frame for small faces. It is a lively and naughty model, whose geometry is reinforced by cuts of recovery. With his resolutely urban and hard-hitting spirit, SWINTON goes everywhere, but knows how to create a surprise.



SUZANNE, a filmmaker par excellence, full of glamor, is for lolitas and red carpet stars with their ultra-feminine and feline curves. Its shape, inspired by the voluptuous lemon line of Menton, is completed by pyramidal branches that come to marry naturally with the lines stretched like large traces of eyeliner.



SOLSTICE, the glamorous butterfly of the series, organic, voluptuous. The Solstice asks for intrinsic femininity, that which expresses itself, that which appears, that which stands out without restriction. Retro femininity, she has the devil in her body and demonic wings open.



€350.00 €270.00

SLAM hits like stilettos and is the center of attention. It is a tapered model, inspired by the Gibson Thunderbird, for those who give wings to femininity and modernity. Stretched out on the edge of the razor, sluggish and rebellious, SLAM is a fake frame, full and poignant. A female refrain, simply.



SANTIAGO is a sharp and angular model, both retro and free of conventions. Proud, tense, SANTIAGO loves small faces, curious minds, and claims a free femininity. Its double-bridge, its geometric lines and its mechanisms create an incisive and unexpected conversation.



€350.00 €270.00

SAMPLER, the concept spokesman, has everything from the timeless collection object, with its round frame and its inverted wire double bridge. What does pay attention and highlight the thickness contrasts. It requires personality and gives a great expressiveness to the face.



SAHARA is a masculine and retro hexagonal model, whose characteristics make it a very special model. With its fantastic double bar designed for the capricious spirits, SAHARA makes the dust fly and takes its quest to the holes. The encounter of the titanium and a strap of acetate makes it a frame always refined, present and of such lightness that almost forget when used.

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PICTURE is modern, assertive, arty, and excessively chic ... chic. Its architectural thicknesses and its structuring square shape make it an offbeat and remarkable model. Freed and independent, we meet her in art galleries, of course, in big cities, always, and in circles where eccentricity voluble is not a phase, but a real state of mind.



PENCIL, butterfly in full flight, expresses itself in full and untied, and overflows with life. It is a kinetic mount, whose dancing lines seem in motion. Choreographic, these glasses would have delighted Loïe Fuller, an unparalleled pioneer of modern dance.



PALETTE, it is the mount that would be designed Mondrian himself. A round graphic, design, balanced, for the small faces, with crossing lines that come to create the suspension of the curves. In the end, the rounded shapes seem to spin like the wind. His expression is pure, minimal, fair, even constructivist!