Glasses are optical devices used for the compensation of ametropias, and / or eye protection, or for aesthetic reasons, used on the upper part of the face, close to the eyes, but not in physical contact with them, generally consisting of two lenses ophthalmic and a frame.



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BEGNO 9043


HDCA Acetate and Barberini mineral lenses. With an outstanding purity and transparency, the lenses give, under a 100% UV protection, an even sharper vision than natural perception. Stronger than diamond, the Barberini mineral glass got the best anti-impact, anti-static and anti-scratch technology.

DARIA 6389/9


Meet our rounded stainless steel oversized model with top bar. CR39 designer lenses with maximum UV protection and high visual comfort.

KYOTO 6356


This is our hexagonal rimless cat eye frame for woman with the lower part being rimless. The temple is made of titanium.

OXFORD 8107/4


This is our unisex, extra light aviator inspired frame. Made of betatitanium including rim in high-density milling acetate with monoblock hinge and sphere detail in the endtip.

HILLS 8100/2


This is our perfect unisex, extra light, pantos frame. Made of betatitanium including rim in high-density milling acetate from Japan.

HIROMI 8046/1


Meet our flawless squared unisex frame. Ultra light design made in betatitanium with high density acetate endtips for maximum comfort.

JOEL 7517/1


Meet our sleek masculine rectangular frame made of betatitanium. Resistant and ultra light with monoblock hinge and detail of sphere in the endtip.

JAZZ 7516/8


Meet our extra light rectangular aviator inspired frame. Rectangular shape with marked angles. Made of betatitanium.

WAYNE 6438


A rounded, aviator-style, slightly over-sized model with a welded etail on the sides. Perfectly fitting unisex style.

OSLO 6433/5


Perfect and lightweight Lennon-inspired frame.. Made of stainless steel with acetate terminals

JOHAN 6431/3


Meet this elegant rectangular frame for man in milling acetate. Wide flanges and volumes at the top that contrasts with the finesse in the bottom.

GERALD 6430/4


This is our man rectangular frame, an upgrade of a midcentury classic in milling acetate with sculpted volum. Temple with fixation at the top