Sunglasses GIGISTUDIOS, a brand fully created and developed in Spain, with high standards of quality that allows to offer comfortable, durable and functional glasses.



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PRESLEY, elegant sunglasses for men. Stainless steel pantos frame with acetate rims. C39 polarised lenses with maximum UVA and UVB protection and with anti-reflective coating.

LAOS 6388/4


Meet our sunglasses made in stainless steel with acetate oval pantos rim and motard-inspired lateral lamination.

JARED 6483/1


Meet our classic pantos design for men. Made in acetate with thin edges for a perfect fit. CR39 designer lenses with maximum UV protection and high visual comfort.



Meet our femenine style with an elegant mix of squared and round angles. Ultralight and flawless. Made in betatitanium with rims and end-tips in high density acetate

ORNELLA 6469/8


This is our flawless and elegant cat eye oval frame for woman in milling acetate. With sculpted volumes, delicate and smooth lines for a perfect fitting.



Meet our squared oversized design for women. Made in lightweight stainless steel with a welded detail on the sides.

LEA 8034/1


Meet LEA, our flawless and ultralight style for woman. Oversized hexagonal shape made in beta-titanium.



Meet our sophisticated, elegant and femenine cat-eye shape. Made in lightweight stainless steel.

DAKAR 7513/5


Meet our extra lightweight geometric frame for women. Made of betatitanium

OXFORD 8107/4


This is our unisex, extra light aviator inspired frame. Made of betatitanium including rim in high-density milling acetate with monoblock hinge and sphere detail in the endtip.

MIRANDA 8106/1


This is our extra light round frame for woman. Made of betatitanium including rim in high-density acetate. Monoblock hinge and sphere detail in the endtip.

HILLS 8100/2


This is our perfect unisex, extra light, pantos frame. Made of betatitanium including rim in high-density milling acetate from Japan.

HIROMI 8046/1


Meet our flawless squared unisex frame. Ultra light design made in betatitanium with high density acetate endtips for maximum comfort.

LUNA 8043/6


This is our perfect ultra light frame for woman with slight cat-eye inspiration. Betatitanium construction with high density acetate endtips.

KAROL 8041/1


Sophisticated octogonal frame for women. Made in betatitanium with rims and endtips of high density acetate.

MARTHA 8037/6


Meet our slender oversized squared structure for woman made in beta-titanium with high-density acetate rims.

JOEL 7517/1


Meet our sleek masculine rectangular frame made of betatitanium. Resistant and ultra light with monoblock hinge and detail of sphere in the endtip.

JAZZ 7516/8


Meet our extra light rectangular aviator inspired frame. Rectangular shape with marked angles. Made of betatitanium.