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Acetate frame front in monochrome opaque black with bridge and internal structure in gold-coloured titanium. Titanium arms with hidden flex hinge in the interior. Adjustable titanium nose pads. Hand made.

Yienemer - Noir Noir


A vintage touch with its keyhole bridge, for a claimed chic and casual style!

Designed to flatter most faces.

Stainless steel front frame with acetate lens rim detail.

Spectacles handmade and designed in France.

Woely - Champagne Cosmos


A round shape featuring a futuristic silhouette with its metal shells on both sides of the frames.

Sunglasses handmade and designed in France.



Kuboraum are masks that are designed on the face of its wearers to highlight their personality and character.



Kuboraum are masks that are designed on the face of its wearers to highlight their personality and character.

Nevermind 6170/1


Stainless steel unisex rectangular frame, caravan aviator shape. Monoblock hinge temple with different volumes.

Bella 6061/1


Flawless and squared sunglasses made of thick acetate milling with rounded angles.

Universal 6175/0


Perfect stainless steel unisex frame, rounded aviator shape, monoblock hinge temple with different volumes. Rectangular and cylindrical sections.



GINICASTER, genderless frame with arched double-deck, is the most rocky model of the HI FI concept. The brow bone is a direct reference to guitar pickguards, and the almost artisanal precision of the finishes is inspired by the work of the luthiers who, yes, also make the instruments furiously electric.

U MIX 1653


U MIX, the oversize for small faces, is a fluttering frame, full of rebounds, chokes, with a singular bow nose. This luscious, soft mount, breathes temperament to its carrier.

U NOTE 1656


U NOTE is large, round, oversized makeover and makes the eyes big with their fine lines. His energetic form shines in his eyes, and his intrepid side will thrill Anna Karina to those who fear nothing!



FAIRY, the feminine and optimistic frame, without excess, goes to all faces, thanks to its studied classicism. She respects the face and the personality of the one who carries it. Its softness and simplicity make it a safe bet and inspire sympathy. A model of great accuracy.



FANZINE is a model notable for its simplicity and its evidence, which is in absolute symbiosis with its holder. FANZINE, perfectly calibrated, breathes a certain delicacy of spirit and is suitable for cheerful personalities who know how to keep calm. Great capital sympathy!



FEELING is unique, like two plump mouths that would form a kiss each, with its small tart points. It is a horse full of spice, and especially ultra-feminine without ever falling in the girly. It is ideal for small, expressive faces. It makes you want to beat eyelashes and applaud with both hands.



PAINT, the small concentrated model of the series, is a square frame, dense, softened by curves. Its underlined arcades and its thickness dress the fine faces in search of a real graphic expressiveness. As on the PALETTE, a horizontal line accentuates its geometry. She loves fashion, design, Brooklyn outings and alternative playlists.